School’s Out!

School’s Out!

School has just recently ended! *begins to clap hands* To update you guys, our GlobeTREK team spent the last few days at school doing some intense prep work for our trip. It was a lot to take in, but, at the same time, it was super exciting to really begin talking about the actual trip and what we will be experiencing while we are out there travelling! We also received prayer cards for our individual team members so, if you would like one of these cards just let me know. My hope is to go to Kolkata, India for the six-month internship portion of the trip. While I am there I hope to work with a youth ministry that is supported by YWAM. However, it has not been confirmed yet which has been hard as all the other people on my team have confirmed internship placements. Now that school is done I begin the search for a summer job, which, is exciting and also daunting in our current economy. But, I remain somewhat optimistic and hopeful for whatever may come my way!

If you would like more information on GlobeTREK, or what I hope to be doing on the trip please contact me! I would love to share this with as many of my friends as possible and hopefully have your support as I prepare for and embark on this pretty amazing opportunity! Feel free to share this blog with your friends as well! And if you have any tips or tricks, for travelling or fundraising I would love to hear about them in the comment section below! Thanks for reading, God bless!

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New Blog!

Hey guys (and gals),

I have decided to move over from to WordPress. I will post on here from now on. Please stay tuned for new posts as we prepare to leave!