Hello, friends!

I have not posted in quite a while and so much has been happening! So, I will start the update right away. Since my last post I have found a full-time job that I am able to work along with two other part-time jobs! God is so good at providing! This whole experience so far has been very humbling, and seeing the ways that God has provided for me not only financially but also in my walk with Him and with others has been overwhelmingly amazing.On top of all this, I have been approved for my internship! SO everything is falling together pretty well. The team and I are just in the process of applying for our different visas for the countries we will be visiting in September. I am so thankful for the prayers of all those people joining with me in this endeavor! If you would like some more info about Globetrek and what it is you can leave a comment below, I’d love to interact with you guys! Also, as always you can donate to our team through this link which will take you to the donation page with all the information you will need, or you can go to the Donations page on this blog! As another way of supporting our team, you can purchase a pretty cool Globetrek headband for $10! They are a steal of a deal in my opinion! Thank you all again for the support you have already given through prayer and finances, this trip would not be possible without it!


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