My Lighthouse

         The words of “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective are ringing in my ears, and have been now for a few days. There is something so tangible about the comparison that they draw between the promise of God to lead us through the trials of this life and the lighthouse as it promises to lead ships safely through the dark and uncertain sea that they sail in. I had the priviledge of being part of a worship night when I was back at college for a couple nights this past week. As I was there only to make preparations for GlobeTREK I was feeling quite flustered with all the last minute details that still needed to be figured out, along with a great deal of uncertainty about how this whole trip thing was actually going to work. I sang out the words to the song and Immediatley I felt the comfort of God’s knowledge surpassing peace. I felt Him reaching out to me as if to say, “Just stop trying to swim agaisnt the current and let me guide you.” Tis was an amazing moment to say the least. However, I then thought to myself “Does this mean that we will never be harmed in life?” It was then that another song played and one of the lines talked about finally reaching heaven’s eternal shore, and the promise of eternal life. Another flood of peace hit me! God does not promise to keep me safe from the physical harm that this world may bring, He may choose to protect me, but, He does not promise it. What He does promise is that, with our faith firmly rooted in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, He will bring us safely to the eternal shore of Heaven where we will dwell eternally with Him. This is a promise that Has been true and always will be true, however, we often put things in the way don’t we? Somehow we take something that man deems as more important than God’s promise to heart and let those things control us. Through the chaos of my preparations for GlobeTREK God has given me new eyes and a new understanding to see and accept HIS truth as real in my own life. I look back at the things I worry about and they all seem so foolish! My teasure does not exist in this world but trather in Heaven and I have no reason to fear what this life may bring before me because my hope and faith is in the neverending, unceasing, and everlasting God, my lightouse. 
GlobeTREK Update: We are in Beijing for a few days! It is such a cool city so many cool places and the culture is unreal! Also, every second store there is a food stall of some sort so that makes me happy haha. Thank you for all your prayers and support as we have been travelling and continue to do so! God has definitely blessed our team and I thank you for being a part of that blessing! Stay tuned for more….

To Him who is able!


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