Coffee, coffee, coffee, and the Word.

I started to slide down the side walk, and naturally, out of fear and confusion, my first reaction was to run faster. As I felt that I was finally back on solid, not inclined, ground,  I looked back to investigate the cause of my slippery adventure. I found that a combination of Clark’s Desert Boots, which if you have ever worn no that they have about as much grip as your grandmas freshly waxed hardwood hallway, and mud had been the key contributors. I wiped a drop(s) of sweat from my face, thanked the good Lord that it was only mud, and continued my journey. I rounded th corner and spotted the cafe that I had been looking for and made my way towards my cliche millenial-Christian hideaway. Recently, I have found great comfort in reading the bible. I have found the words of Christ, and the apostles that followed, more compelling and engaging than ever before, at least that I can remember. Phrases that I have read many, probably hundreds of times, have somehow changed and mean so much more to me. Likewise, coffee shops have been somewhat of a safe haven, I am in one currently, as I seek to “escape” or take a break from the craziness of this city. I know I sound like a hipster, and I guess I am a little bit. Anyway, I have been experiencing a renewal of sorts. Things that seem mundane or ordinary in my comfortable “first world” life, have been brought to new light and have taken a new form it seems. Writing for instance, something that I have looked at with disdain (often because it is associated with an 8-10 page paper due in two days that has not yet been started) has been something that I have found great joy in, and more than that, something that I have been able to spend time with God doing. Recently I have taken to rewriting some Psalms in my own words, call it plagiarism if you want but, I enjoy communicating with God in that way. Yes, in an ethically-unsound way, get over it. But the thing that has been the most refreshed in my life is the joy of devotion. As any good Christian kid knows you “enjoy” devotions and spending time with God is “fun.” But in the same way that every good Christian kid knows this, they also know that this is just not true all the time. However, recently the “fun” has come back! But it’s different,  it’s more of a constant, steady joy rather than an exciting hit you in the face kind of experience. It has been really cool to experience the consistency of time with God, and finding joy in those times. I find that it’s in these times when my my heart is most open to what God has to teach me. In these times that I find are very challenging, God has been leading me on a tremendously thought provoking and perspective changing journey. I am excited to see where it leads as it continues! It makes me think a lot about God’s character. Especially, the inexhaustible nature of it. I often get caught up in the action of devotions or worship, trying to make my actions fit into this mould of who God is that I forget that God doesn’t fit in our mould. There is so much about God to discover and experience, but I often shut myself off to that. In this I miss out on that refreshing experience, I miss out on God opening me up to a new experience or a new perspective that could be amazing and life changing.


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