A 11.5hr flight with a seat back TV that has no audio provides one with plenty of time to contemplate their own life, and the experiences within it. Fortunately for me, (or unfortunately, depending on the way you look at it) I was given the opportinity to do just that! For those of you who have been keeping up with my sporadic blog posts, you may know that I was preparing for a move to Rwanda in East Africa at the time of my last post. Since then, much has changed in my life! Let me first say reiterate that my proposed move was due to academic requirements for the GlobeTREK program. It had nothing to do with the ministries or people there! So I was ready and waiting to head to Rwanda and continue my missionary journey as I beleive God had called me to. My Visa was approved, and I eagerly awaited ticket booking confirmation. I dreamt of what God would do as I pursued Youth Ministry in the heart of Africa. I imagined the stories I would have, the picturies I would take, and most importantly the people I would meet and work alongside in the pursuit of building the Kingdom! It has been a dream of mine to work in Africa as a missionary, since my mom read us a book about David Livingstone, and his adventures throughout Africa as an explorer/missionary, when I was quite young. The last frontier, untamed jungle, and exotic animals were on my mind as I considered the adventures that lay ahead of me. That was all brought to a significant halt when the ticket confirmation was declined. I was supposed to leave in less than a day, and I had no ticket! I frantically tried to sort it out, but the reality was evident, I would not be leaving for Rwanda as soon as I had planned. As I talked to my professor about the next steps, she brought up the idea of me going home instead of going to Rwanda, as it would make sense financially. My heart was pounding and I began to have a bit of a freak out. “Would I really have to go home because of this?” This thought raced through my mind on a continuous loop the whole day. We both decided to pray and ask God for guidance as to what decision should be made. Needless to say as we waited overnight for guidance from God I got little to no sleep. I asked God to somehow find a way to change my professor’s mind and allow me to go to Rwanda. I felt (feel) such a strong call to pursue overseas missions, so why was God letting this happen? I would be lying if I were to say that I didn’t feel like God was telling me to go to Rwanda, the fact that they were even willing to take me on as an intern with such short notice was a work of God in itself! But the decision was not mine to make. Regardless of what I thought, the decision had been made and I would be going home on a flight leaving in less than 8 hours. I hard heartedly packed my things as quickly as posible, said my goodbyes and headed to the airport. My GlobeTREK was over. Needless to say, my trip home is the least favourite flight that I have ever taken. I spent most of it in disbelief and the rest of the time trying to hold in angry outbursts. Sometimes I was in disbelief about how upset I was! I felt as though my ability to follow God’s call had been put on hold for somebody else’s reason. As it is right now, I am home in Calgary and will not be continuing on in the GlobeTREK program. It’s a weird feeling not being able to do what you think God has called you to do. Maybe, God was wrong? Or maybe it was human error on one of the sides. Yeah, that’s probably more accurate.


One thought on “Home bound.

  1. That is the tough thing about the storm…we normally do not get to see His hand…but He is there and will not be silent. You will see Him fulfill plans you were not aware of little brother. Persist in faith!


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