What would Jesus do?

I know that this is the ost overused phrase in all of evangelical Christianity. We all (well most of us anyways) remember the fad like fashion accessory that donned this phrase. You know what I am talking about, the woven, often multicoloured, bracelets sporting the acronym “WWJD” on them. This became another phrase that evangelical christianity used over and over and over until it became almost meaningless. We didn’t live our lives according to what this bracelet said as was the intention of it’s designer. I can say for myself that I rarely, if ever, though “What would Jesus do?” before I engaged in something I knew was not right. From childhood to early adulthood this thought seldom crossed my mind. And I wonder what things I might have avoided if it had been more prominent in my thoughts. Would I have done some of the things I regret? Probably not. Recently, I have been thinking about our world and the chaos that exists within it. (Brace yourselves, political content will follow) I wonder what our world would be like if this was the question on the front of our minds before every decision we make. I think most recently of the ban that president Donald Trump emposed on seven countries. Now I don’t really know a whole lot about it, but from the research I have done I feel like we have forgotten this question completely. I know that we cannot change the way people in power make decisions, however, we are responsible for what we say and how we accept those decisions. In the wake of this executive order I cannot help but think of the people who have been left out with nowhere to go. I am not talking about tourists or business people who more than likely have a home and a life to go back to. But I am talking about the students who after 90 days of missed classes will probably have to retake the whole semester. I am also talking about the families who have been seperated for far too long that are now having to endure another period of seperation from their loved ones. Or how about the families who have saved every penny for years in order to be able to afford the costly visa process, and travel expenses, who now are left without a place to go and may have to reapply for those visas. But most of all I think about the refugees, the people who have been forced from their countries because of violence towards them and their families. The order that President Trump issued suspends the refugee admission program to 120 days. And the Syrian refugee admission program indefinitely. I could go into the facts about refugees and terrorist attacks on American soil, but that is not what this is about. What I am trying to say in this post is that as Christians should we not open our doors to those who need our help? What did Jesus say about the least of these? What about welcoming the sojourner from a foreign land? What happened to trusting God as our protector? What happened to loving mercy, and acting justly? As far as I know there is no “But only when you are safe” clause in there. The argument I hear too much is that “We need to keep our country safe.” It saddens me deeply that we are at this place in our society, and even deeper that I hear this argument coming from Christians. I know that we cannot make the United States government change their mind, but we can control how we react and talk about this situation. The reality is that this sucks for a lot of people around the world, and I think, I KNOW that it is our obligation to at the very least empathize with those who have been affected by this order.

Grace and peace,